Pumpkin and Fall Market Prices

Item            Price
Carving Pumpkins$.64/lb
Fancy Pumpkins$.79/lb
$3.99 minimum
Field Trip Pumpkins
$3.69 minimum
$.64/lb. over
Mini Pumpkins & Gourds
Orange, White, Stripped, and Speckled
$1 minimum
Small Cannonball Pumpkins
(Under 2.5/lbs.)
$2.49 each
Monster Gourds$1.59/lb.
Giant Prize Winner PumpkinsPriced as Marked
Drying Goose, Apple
& Birdhouse Gourds
Priced as Marked
Indian Corn$6.99 each
Finger Corn$3.99 each
Corn Stalks$8.99/bundle
8" Mums$5.99 each
5 or more $4.99 each
10" Mums
(Terracotta Pot)
6" Pansies$3.99 each
10 or more $3.25 each
Large Terracotta Pot$19.99 & Up
Hanging Baskets$14.99 each
3 or more $12.99 each