Off Site Parties

Did you know that we can bring the petting farm to you?  You heard us right!  We can bring the petting farm and ponies right to your location so that you can have your own personal farm party!

Pony and Petting Farm Party Package:                                                                       

Includes 2 riding ponies & a petting zoo delivered to your home for 1 ½ hours. We also provide 2 staff members, feed for the animals and a special gift for the birthday child. Package includes travel and delivery within a 20 minute radius of the farm.

Birthday Package:                  $325                                       Additional Hours $200 per hour

*Daycares/Special Events:    $375                                       Additional Hours $225 per hour

*(Includes animal attendant)

Pony Rides:

2 Ponies          $250 first hour                                   3 Ponies          $300 per hour

4 Ponies          $400 first hour                                   5 Ponies          $500 per hour

*prices for 1st hour each additional hour $ 75 per pony and $ 25 per staff

All pony rentals include one staff member per pony rented. Rentals are for 1 hour which includes set up, break down and breaks as necessary for the ponies. Most parties average 45 minutes of riding time per hour. Typically, one pony can provide 20 short rides per hour. Ponies must be rented as 2 or more. When renting 4 or 5 ponies we provide 1 additional staff member for safety and line flow at $25 per hour. Package includes travel and delivery within a 20 minute radius of the farm.

Animal Rentals:

Single Animal Rental:

Goat, Sheep, Birds:                                       $150 per 1st hour / $50 per add’l hour

Llama, Donkey, Pig, Pony                               $200 per 1st hour / $75 per add’l hour

Small Petting Farm:                                        $175 per 1st hour / $50 per add’l hour

(2 Rabbits, 2-3 Chickens, 1 Small Goat)

Large Petting Farm:                                        $250 per 1st hour / $ 75 per add’l hour

(2 goats, 1 sheep, 4 chickens & 2 rabbits)

Additional Animals with Petting Farm:

Goat, Sheep, Birds:                                       $50 per hour

Llama, Donkey, Pig, Pony                               $75 per hour*

Novelty items:

Cowboy Hats               $ 3 each                                              Farm T-shirts              $ 10 each

Horse Shoes               $ 5 each                                              Peacock Feathers       $ 1 each

Feed Cups                   $ 1 each                                              Add’l Party Gift            $ 15 each

Feed Buckets              $ 5 each

Delivery Fees:

Basic Petting Farm animals:

Outside 20 minute radius:                                                    $35 & up

Pony or Animal rentals requiring horse trailer:

Outside of a 20 minute radius:                                             $55 & up

All off-site reservations require a 50% non-refundable deposit.

All reservations require at least 7 days notice for scheduling purposes

Final Payment is expected prior to the event. Events are scheduled Rain or Shine. Hunt Club Farm is fully licensed, insured and holds a USDA license to exhibit animals. All animal off sites include travel and delivery within a 20 minute radius of the farm.