King’s Royal Feast

Saturday, the 21st Day of November 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Four Course Dining With Hunt Club’s Royal Court

First Course

Barley Bread with Herb and Honey Butter
Assorted Hard and Soft Cheeses
Assorted Fresh Fruit
Split Pea Soup

Second Course

Boar’s Head at the High Table
Herbed Vegetables
Parsley Potatoes
Roasted Chicken Quarters

Third Course

Spiced Applesauce with Pears
Pork Ribs with Spicy Syrup

Grand Subtlety

Assorted Tarts, Custards, Cookies, Cakes


Meet & Greet-Knights, Royal Court Performers
Special Performance by Tuatha Dea

Mead, Ale and Grog available for purchase

Ticket price $30 per person

A Portion of Proceeds benefit Go Rescue Pet Adoption

There is no “children’s menu” Children are admitted at regular admission ticket price